Refrigerated Air Dryer

Refrigerated Air Dryer

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  Elegant cabinet design, corrosion resistance for hard working ambient

  Adopting high quality refrigerant compressors with famous brand

  High temperature compressed air (80degree C) allowed at the inlet

  Reliable and high efficiency refrigeration system



  Stable dew point temperature

  Effective water vapor separator

  Selectable quality mechanical and electronic drainage system

  Integrated control panel,easy operation, easy view

  Low cost for operation and maintenance




Heatless compressed air dryer (drier) is the simplest form of desiccant type (activated alumina / molecular sieves) air dryer (drier) for achieving a dew point of -40°C or better for compressed air systems. It is the simplest design, which is virtually fully automatic and maintenance free. These heats less type dryers do not require any heating for re-generation and therefore are very simple in design and smooth in operation. 
In heat less dryers, two vessels are filled with desiccant, which cycle automatically, producing dry air continuously. In these units, wet air enters the bottom of one vesseland passes upwards through the desiccant bed where the moisture is adsorbed. The dry air comes out from the top. 
A small portion of dry air is passed downward through the desiccant bed in the second vessel, which is under re-generation. Then the moisture laden purge air is vented out to atmosphere. The purge loss is around 10-15 % of the total air flow. 
At preset interval, the vessels changeover automatically and dry air is available continuously, without any surges, the purge air requirement is around 10-15 % if (-) 400C dew point is needed from heatless type Air Dryers. 


·         Simple In operation and Fully Automatic

·         Pressure equalization – ensures dry air supply is continuous and at constant pressure.

·         Electronic Timer – Highly precise and fail-safe with excellent repeatability.

·         Low Dew Point – Constant atmospheric dew point of -40 º C or below.

·         Instant dry air availability.

·         Easy to install & operate, requiring very few, low-cost spares.

·         Desiccant life is around 3- years.

·         Maintenance free operations .